Topigs Norsvin sows in North America: +2.55 pig weaned

Topigs Norsvin sows in North America: +2.55 pig weaned

The annual reproduction benchmarking of Swine Management Systems (SMS) demonstrates that producers with Topigs Norsvin sows wean +2.55 pigs per year more than the SMS industry average. The SMS data further revealed a lower sow death loss for Topigs Norsvin producers; 3.5% below the industry average. These data confirm the highly productive and robust nature of Topigs Norsvin females.

This year’s benchmark is the first to include performance data from Topigs Norsvin’s newest parent female, the TN70. Introduced last year, more and more data of the TN70 is now included in the SMS benchmark. Thus, data for the most recent quarter in the SMS benchmark demonstrates an even greater reproductive advantage of +2.70 pigs weaned per year for Topigs Norsvin females and greater differentiation in terms of sow death loss (4.4% below the industry average),

“The TN70 is clearly having a positive impact for our customers,” notes Mike Terrill, President and CEO, Topigs Norsvin USA, “This data mirrors the feedback we have received from customers regarding improvements in reproductive performance and sow death loss.

Additionally, they report improvements in both finisher performance and carcass cut-outs.” The Swine Management Systems (SMS) database includes data from 982 farms and 1,735,000 sows throughout the USA and Canada. For the 2015/2016 benchmarking, the list of participating Topigs Norsvin customers has grown to include 95 farms and 106,000 sows.

About Topigs Norsvin:
Pig genetics company Topigs Norsvin, is renowned for its innovative approach to
implementing new technologies and a continuous focus on cost-efficient pig production.
Research, innovation and dissemination of genetic improvement are the cornerstones of the
company. Continuous and strong product improvement will enable clients to achieve
significant added value in their production.

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Topigs Norsvin SMS Results 2016

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