Groundbreaking ceremony marks start of joint venture nucleus farm in China

On June 30, a well-organized groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of a nucleus farm near Wuwei in China’s Gansu province. This project is a joint venture between Topigs Norsvin and Muyuan Foods and demonstrates their shared commitment to excellence and progress in pork production in China.

The new high-health nucleus farm will have a capacity of 1200 sows and will house both maternal and terminal sire lines. It will form the foundation of a breeding infrastructure that will provide high-quality genetics for Muyuan as well as other producers in China.

This groundbreaking ceremony marks the beginning of a deep collaboration between Muyuan and Topigs Norsvin and marks a joint step forward in the field of modern agriculture. Both partners strengthen each other. Topigs Norsvin is a leading and innovative pig breeding company committed to providing high-quality genetics to customers through innovative breeding technology and research. Muyuan Foods is the largest pig farming company in the world. It has earned high recognition and trust in the industry due to its rich experience and excellent market performance.

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