Eveline’s tips for perfect acclimatization of gilts


Eveline Willems is a veterinarian in the global technical support team of Topigs Norsvin. The team contributes to the dissemination of genes with minimal health disruptions and supports customers in minimizing health-related issues that limit the pigs’ genetic potential. Acclimatization is a key aspect of getting the most out of a sow’s potential. Correct introduction of young gilts into the herd leads to healthy and highly productive sows that produce many litters.

Eveline’s top-5 tips for perfect acclimatization of gilts:

  1. Produce a tailor-made acclimatization scheme that fits your circumstances and always ask your veterinarian for advice.
  2. Acclimatization of gilts involves not just the farm’s health status, but other aspects too, like future housing conditions or contact with people.
  3. If you use an in-house production system to produce replacement gilts, make sure these gilts also pass through the acclimatization scheme.
  4. If you buy gilts from a breeder, then only buy gilts whose age fits the required acclimatization scheme and make sure they receive proper feed for rearing gilts.
  5. If gilts underperform compared with the farm’s average reproduction results, then thoroughly re-evaluate the acclimatization process.

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