First animals arrived at Innova Canada

In mid-April, the first animals arrived at the new Topigs Norsvin nucleus farm Innova Canada. This first batch of 395 Z-line sows and gilts was brought in from the nucleus farm Paradise Valley. More shipments will follow after this initial transport. A total of 750 sows and 1,600 gilts will be brought in.

Innova Canada is located near Plumas in Manitoba in an area with a low pig density. Combined with strict
biosecurity protocols and transportation rules and high levels of health monitoring, this will ensure the highest health status and continuity of supply.

One of the innovations in the new nucleus is the implementation of group gestation and loose farrowing. The aim is to be fully compliant with future Canadian welfare legislation, as well as legislation in other countries. This also means the genetic lines will be bred for this type of housing. Topigs Norsvin is leading the way in this regard and is helping its clients to be prepared.

The new nucleus farm Innova Canada represents an important step in the ongoing development of Topigs
Norsvin. Innova Canada will contribute to the further acceleration of genetic progress in the Z-line and the faster dissemination of this genetic progress to our customers worldwide. It will also lead to accelerated genetic progress. Although it will contribute to the success of our customers all over the world, it shows our commitment to the North American market in particular.

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