Heloiza’s tips to reduce heat stress of sows during high temperatures

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Heloiza Irtes is part of the Global Veterinary Service (GVS) responsible for South America. GVS group is composed by specialist on swine Heath management and biosecurity and helps Topigs Norsvin to produce animal with high Heath status. 
Heat stress is responsible for many losses on the industry including increase on sow mortality, low feed intake, especially on lactating sows. This last situation may cause a negative impact on milk production and, consequently poor wean quality.

Heloiza’s top-5 tips to reduce heat stress of sows:

  1. Swine are animals that their sweat glands are practically afunctional, and thermoregulation is a challenge for them.
  2. A good environment is essential to offer the sow comfortable temperatures. Ventilation, sprinkling, Foggers, and other temperature control systems are very important to help sows to control their temperature.
  3. Heat can increase the production of cytokines responsible for the inflammation chain. There are some products available that act in this process and can be used to reduce heat stress.
  4. Feed management can help to reduce caloric increment, modifying composition of diets (supply of amino acids, energy, or fiber)
  5. Finally: water. It is necessary supply of fresh water, especially in the hottest hours. Must be ensure that the drinkers works properly and with the adequate pressure.

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