Innova Canada: ensuring a stable and reliable flow of genetic progress

Peter van Kemenade, Director Global Supply Chain Management

Create a fast and reliable flow of the best high-health genetics to our distributors and customers. In short, that is what Peter van Kemenade, Director Global Supply Chain Management, strives for. The building of the new genetic nucleus Innova Canada will give a major boost to high-health genetics. Peter explains the importance of this new Genetic Nucleus farm for genetic supply.

Innova Canada is the latest expansion in the breeding structure of Topigs Norsvin and will be the main location for breeding the Z-line, one of the lines of the TN70 sow. This biggest investment in the history of Topigs Norsvin will lead to increased genetic progress. Customers around the world will benefit from this.

Peter van Kemenade: “Innova Canada will be one of the two core locations for creating genetic progress. The other one is in Norway. Both are connected with a Delta test station to rear and test young boars from the nucleus. Our structures in Canada and Norway are unique and unprecedented in the world of pork genetics.”

The Director Global Supply Chain Management sees three important benefits from a supply chain perspective. These apply to both the Canadian as Norwegian breeding core.

  • High health.
    Innova Canada is located in a part of Manitoba that is very biosecure and has a low pig density. This, together with the high biosecurity management level that will be maintained, will minimize the risk of disease outbreaks, guarantee consistent genetic progress, and safeguard the global dissemination of genetics.
  • Stable flow of genetics in larger numbers.
    Innova Canada’s structure and support network ensure a faster genetic improvement. In addition, Innova has bigger numbers of boars and gilts available.
  • Flawless dissemination.
    Canada is an excellent country to distribute genetics from. Due to its high-health level, professional veterinary authorities, and veterinarian certificates for almost all countries in the world, animals and semen can be shipped without obstacles. The governmental veterinarian system CFIA also operates at a high level.

Van Kemenade: “This all leads to a low level of risk of disruptions, which facilitates a stable and secure flow of genetic progress, making us an even more reliable supplier still. It will also lead to a smaller genetic lag. In other words, more customers will have the latest genetic progress in their barns sooner.”

Customers of Topigs Norsvin will notice the effect of Innova Canada. Genetic progress will accelerate and this higher progress will be delivered faster. This will boost the performance in our customers’ barns, leading to a higher profit. Reliability will also increase. Animals and semen will be available in higher numbers and in a constant flow.”

Peter van Kemenade

Innova Canada’s contribution is only part of the story. A global network of international semen hubs will also play a key role. Our AI stations in Norway, the Netherlands, Canada, and Spain will be constantly provided with the newest generations of boars from the nucleus cores in Canada and Norway. These stations will ensure that genetic progress is rapidly distributed to our customers. This will be realized parallel to the boars from Delta Canada and gilts from Innova Canada that go directly to our customers.

Van Kemenade: “Innova Canada and our global network of semen hubs will be gems that bring many benefits to our customers. I’ve spent my entire career in swine genetics and feel truly privileged to work with the structure that Topigs Norsvin is developing. It’s an honor to contribute to this and the success of our many customers worldwide.”

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