Lídia’s tips to minimize seasonal infertility effects

Lídia Sbaraini Arend is Global Female Reproduction Specialist at Topigs Norsvin. Together with her colleagues, she advises producers in the areas of sow fertility and reproductive health, insemination, and heat detection. Every year, she sees fertility problems caused by heat stress and seasonality. An increased risk for a drop in fertilization rates and piglets born after a period of heat is common if appropriate actions are not taken. Her tips to minimize seasonal infertility are:

  1. Control the barn temperature. Ensure ventilation and cooling capacity are sufficient and are working as they should.
  2. Give the animals enough fresh and clean water. Double-check the flow and quality when it reaches the sow.
  3. Keep feed intake at the best level. Ensure the sows, especially the lactating sows, get the nutrients they need. Feed during the coolest hours of the day.
  4. Be extra critical of reproduction management during high temperatures. Check the temperature when handling semen. Move sows, inseminate, and do heat detection during the coolest moments of the day.
  5. Ensure light management in the breeding area is correct and consistent. This means 16 hours light and 8 hours dark, with a minimum of 200-250 lux intensity.

Lídia and her colleagues have created a fact sheet with more in-depth tips. You can download it by clicking here.

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