New Nucleus farm for Topigs Norsvin USA

Topigs Norsvin USA has entered into an agreement with Family Value Ag to construct a new 1200-sow nucleus herd in northern Wisconsin, USA.  Biosecurity was the top priority throughout the planning and construction of this new facility. The farm is located in an area of very low pig density, fully filtered, has its own dedicated truck wash, and sources its feed from a local mill that feeds no other swine.  The construction was completed in only 100 days.

Family Value Ag will produce Norsvin Landrace, Topigs Norsvin Z-line, and Norsvin Duroc breeding stock for both internal use and external sales to customers.  This facility utilizes pen gestation and operates on a five-group batch farrowing system with farrowing every 28 days. Animals are off-tested at a separate, nearby facility and returned to FVA once per month via an isolation unit.  Semen will be sourced from Norway and from Topigs Norsvin USA’s new “Grand Vertex” boar stud in Illinois, which is currently under construction.

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