Supercomputer provides computing power to animal researchers

On Friday 4 April 2014 researchers from Breed4Food started to use their new supercomputer (HPC, High Performance Computing). Thanks to this new computer the researchers will be able to analyse huge quantities of data to make breeding value estimations, for example.

Bernard de Geus, Director of Breed4Food, sees the introduction of the HPC as a very important step in animal breeding research and an excellent example of public-private cooperation between companies and knowledge institutions: “Science and technology are developing at a tremendous rate. It is very important that both parties have a research facility close by. This enables them to intensively consult with one another and the new scientific information this yields can quickly be translated into innovation at the companies.” Read here more about this supercomputer.

Breed4Food is the consortium established by the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre of Wageningen UR and the four Netherlands-based, international animal breeding companies CRV (cattle), Hendrix Genetics (turkeys, layers, pigs, aquaculture and traditional poultry), Topigs Norsvin (pigs), and Cobb Europe (broilers). All partners are worldwide leaders in their respective fields of animal breeding. With the Breed4Food collaboration they want to further consolidate their positions.

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