Topigs Norsvin adds selection for primal yields to its breeding program

Topigs Norsvin has added selection for primal yields with CT scanning data to its breeding program. This latest innovation by Topigs Norsvin makes it possible to increase carcass value by selecting for higher yields of the most valuable primals. This addition to the breeding program adds value for the integrated pork chain, in particular, for whom carcass value is based on the value of primals such as the shoulder, loin, belly, and ham.

Topigs Norsvin has added primal values to its breeding program for all major sow and terminal sire lines. Young breeding boars of these lines are CT scanned in our test centers in Canada and Norway. These CT images construct a highly accurate representation of the primal composition of live breeding boar. This gives a highly reliable estimation of the genetic merit of these boars for primal value. After the CT scan, the boars are used in the breeding program.

With this latest application of CT technology, Topigs Norsvin takes a big innovative step forward and sets the new gold standard for genetic improvement of carcass value. The result is higher profitability in the integrated pork value chain.

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