Topigs Norsvin starts in the United Kingdom

Topigs Norsvin has recently started to operate in the United Kingdom. From an AI station in the Birmingham region sperm will be delivered to customers throughout the United Kingdom. Besides Talent and Tempo boars the AI station also has maternal line boars in its stalls.

Topigs Norsvin distributor, AIM-UK, is running this station with the support and knowledge of Topigs Norsvin. AIM-UK is also responsible for the delivery of Topigs Norsvin semen in Ireland and Northern Ireland. With the start of its activities in the United Kingdom, Topigs Norsvin is operating in a country that until recently was closed for foreign genetics. The specific qualities of our genetics, such as an easy production of many piglets and good farrowing and finisher traits, meets the market demand in the UK. Therefore many pig farmers would like to use Topigs Norsvin genetics to improve their results. After years of crisis, the pig industry in the United Kingdom is recovering and starting to develop again.

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